Thursday, 22 December 2016

CELTA Materials

Preparing for and doing a CELTA course is not as easy as it may seem (at least at the beginning!). Therefore, I've decided to share some of the materials I created before and during the course to help those of you who are planning on doing the course and facing all of the challenges it brings.

I hope these blog entries will help you and inspire you. You'll find here my written assignments, lesson plans and links to the worksheets, Power Point presentations, etc. I hope they'll be helpful to you!


Written Assignment #1 - Language related tasks assignment
Written Assignment #2 - Focus on the learner
Written Assignment #3 - Skills assignment
Written Assignment #4 - Lessons from the classroom

Teaching Practice #3 - Listening
Teaching Practice #4 - Lexis
Teaching Practice #5 - Questions and answers
Teaching Practice #6 - Reading
Teaching Practice #7 - Lexis
Teaching Practice #8 - Functional language

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